The Resurgence of HOT Cold Brew Coffee

Resurgence of Hot Cold Brew | Brew N Bottle Blog

In 1964, my Father Toddy Simpson started the cold brew revolution with the development of the first to market cold brewer.

When I took over the business in 1987, the majority of the consumers used the cold brew process to produce their hot coffee beverages. In 2012, I assisted McDonalds with a market research study of cold brew to produce hot coffee beverages.

87% of the participants picked Cold Brewed Hot coffee over traditional Hot brewed Hot coffee. This is contrary to the majority of the Specialty Coffee community, who only used Cold brew to produce specialty Cold Coffee beverages.

Last week, I meet with Tariq Arafeh of Drink Brood. His company produces unique nitro machines that produce nitrogen (no nitrogen tanks needed) with a small footprint. This high tech equipment produces nitro cold brew along with HOT cold brew that is super smooth. The Hot cold brew is infused with a touch of nitrogen to emulate an espresso head…truly beautiful. The froth makes an ordinary cup of coffee into the realm of extraordinary. For the store who invests in nitro equipment, it allows them to sell coffee beverages in the cold season. As well, no more rank pots of coffee sitting around waiting to be thrown out. My prediction is that Hot cold brew is coming back…just wait and see!

The beauty of Cold brew coffee served hot is that when it cools down it remains super smooth.


Originally posted Feb. 5, 2020

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