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Why is Brew N Bottle cold brew superior to the other cold brews on the market?

We’re the Cold Brew Originators! Brew N Bottle’s amazing cold brews start with specialty grade beans and a proprietary brewing process that has taken over 35 years to perfect. That amount of time means we are undoubtedly experts in the industry.

How much caffeine is in each oz of cold brew?

Every oz of Brew N Bottle cold brew has approximately 80 mg of caffeine. The perfect amount to get you buzzing!

What is the difference between cold brew and hot brew?

Brew N Bottle cold brewing never exposes the beans to hot brew high temperatures (we’re much kinder to our beans). It also reduces the acidity and oil in your coffee by 66%, making for a richer, smoother taste.

Once my Brew N Bottle cold brew is opened, how long will it last?

Once opened, your cold brew will last 10 days in the fridge. But we hope it will be enjoyed by then.

What temperature may I store my Brew N Bottle cold brew bottles?

Unopened Brew N Bottle cold brew bottles are best stored under 80 degrees. Once opened, store in the fridge.

Can I drink my cold brew hot? What is the optimal temperature?

Cold Brewed Coffee served hot is lovely! Studies have shown that people actually prefer cold brew coffee hot over the same coffee hot brewed ...served hot! One fun fact is that even after cooling down, it still will taste super smooth. Not so much with the hot brewed hot coffee gone cold..eep! 175-185 F is the perfect temperature!

Which roast is best for Cold Brew?

Medium Roast is the perfect roast for enjoying Cold Brew! This roast level allows you to taste the subtle characteristics of the beans. Our Guatemala (milk chocolate and toffee), Ethiopian (fruitiness and dark Chocolate) and Costa Rican (Honey like sweetness) roasts make for a heavenly coffee experience because the combination of the correct roast and cold brewing brings out the wonderful attributes of our high quality beans. Hot brews which contain 66% more acids and oils diminish this exceptional experience.

Will you be producing other varieties of Cold Brew?

Watch this space! And let us know if you have any flavor profile preferences!

Do you ship internationally?

f you're interested in international shipping for an additional cost, please just get in touch with us here.