Cold Brew Served HOT!

 Cold Brew Coffee Served Hot

In 1963 , my father Toddy Simpson discovered cold brewing made a superior HOT cup of coffee. When my wife and I took over the business in 1986, the majority of the people were cold brewing to produce a HOT cup of Joe. Very few cold brewed to produce their iced lattes or iced coffees. Times have changed. Now the majority of the public cold brews to produce cold coffee beverages.

People are missing out...A HOT cup of of cold brewed coffee is super smooth and addictive...once you start you will not go back to hot brewed. One of my favorite things is allowing my cold brewed hot coffee to cool to room temperature. As it cools to room temperature it will still taste clean and pristine. In addition, there will be no oil residues floating on the top of your cup.

Don’t just take it from me. While working on a project for one of the largest food chains in the world, they conducted a large focus group comparing hot brew to cold brew hot coffee...cold brew won with 90% preferring cold brewed in a blind test.

I encourage you to give cold brewed hot coffee a try, and I' m confident this new experience will make you smile.


Originally posted Mar. 28, 2017

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