Cold Brewing: Temperature Matters

Cold Brew at Room Temperature

Do you think there's a difference between brewing cold brew in the refrigerator versus brewing at room temperature? Consider this: When you produce your cold brew in the refrigerator, you are throwing money away. Brewing at low temperatures will yield around 1/3 lower strength concentrate than when you brew at room temperature. The cold brew concentrate will have virtually the same health benefits, pH (acidity) and flavor when brewed in the refrigerator or at room temperature overnight, but brewed in the refrigerator will yield a weaker concentrate . In the end, making cold brew at cold temperatures will require more beans to produce the same strength beverage.

If you're brewing in the refrigerator you might reconsider and brew at room temperature. Then put your concentrate in the cooler. Save money by using less beans and brewing at room temperature overnight. You will still have that super smooth cup of cold brew.


Originally posted Mar. 4, 2017

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