Crazy Times..... Shots and More Cold Brew Shots

Cold Brew Shots

As vaccinations move us closer to a more normal time, shots are going to become the second dose to ease our minds. With a punch of flavor, and an ingredient statement of 100% ingredients, these shots will pass the test of time.

Brew N Bottle has taken the past 30 years to bring a true cold brew experience in a shelf stable shot format to market. With our process, the beautiful attributes of the coffee, teas and botanicals will be apparent. When we brew a Sumatran (earthy body) or an Honduran (natural sweetness) the attributes will shine. When we cold brew an Oolong tea (peachy) or a Sencha Green tea (soft, grassy ) the attributes will shine. With 2-3 oz bottles, we can custom brew your beverage with a taste that emulates freshly brewed. With minimums as small as 4,000 units, it is easy for small chains to test the waters. Drink them straight or mix them with water, milk or spirits. Hot or cold…instantly a premium cold brew experience morning, noon or night.

Brew N Bottle will help you build your brand. With your coffee and name, and our technology, shots will be a perfect vehicle to expand your brand. Shots can be your business card to market your identity, and a secondary sale. We would love to chat…Feel free to call to discuss any of your Coffee, Tea, or Botanical needs. Let’s make your beverage an adventure!


Originally published Mar. 3, 2021

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