Dual Sale Cold Brew…Drinks AND Retail Sales

Dual Sale Cold Brew

As the Cold Brew craze has continued to grow, many coffee cafés cannot keep up with the demand for cold brew beverages. Brewing behind the counter can take up valuable counter space and can be messy and inconsistent.

Over the past few years, we have been a part of many success stories of cold brewing coffee house’s proprietary beans to produce their signature concentrates.

Brew N Bottle has taken the last 5 decades to perfect the cold brew process. Our cold brew is shelf-stable and delivers a clean and pristine product that tastes as if you just brewed it behind the counter. Our process slows down pH drift (dropping of the pH), which causes cold brew to become sour. Many other manufacturers process by retorting or aseptically processing cold brew which destroys the beautiful attributes of the coffee bean.

Packaged in 10 oz to 32 oz, our shelf-stable custom cold brews can be used for food service or produced in bottles sold as a retail item…dual sale…Yippee! In these crazy times, customers are wanting to make their cold brew beverages safe in their homes. With BNB you can deliver a brew to satisfy all your customers' coffee needs.

Iced, frozen, or steamed, supplying all your customers' craves!

Originally posted Dec. 13, 2020

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