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Trends and Teas

It has taken 53 years for the Cold Brewed World to turn into a complete frenzy!

In 1986, while serving cold brew coffee beverages at food shows, the typical response we received was..."you do what??”. Now cold brewed coffee is a staple in just about every coffee shop. So, what is next?

Over the past year, there has been a growing interest in cold brewed teas. Just like cold brewed coffee, cold brewed tea can be super smooth, soft and elegant. But, as with cold brewing coffee, it is not just the process, but the tea that you are brewing. Two excellent teas for cold brewing are Lyerpadi Black and Sencha Green. Green tea flavors can be grassy and harsh, but with cold brewing you can soften the flavor, thus producing a super smooth, satisfying tea experience.

One thing to note, teas are highly subject to mold, bacteria and yeast tremendously more than cold brew coffee. Once produced, they should be consumed during the same day, and the remainder discarded.

If you have any questions about commercially developing and producing your own cold brew tea line, give us a call!

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