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Costa Rican Single Origin

Costa Rican Single Origin

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We've produced a perfectly balanced low-acid cold brew coffee. To us, the perfect cup combines all of the ingredients that a classic cup of coffee should have: sweet aroma, full body, bright and delicately honey-sweet aftertaste. No impurities. Zero additives. Choose your favorite size and if you’re feeling extra bold, mix and match your bottles with our Guatemalan blend for coffee concentrate perfection. 

How to Drink

Heavenly whether it’s hot or cold! Want to create the perfect balance?

For the 2.7oz bottle, add the full bottle of brew concentrate to 8oz of water or milk.

For the 32oz bottle, use a 1:3 ratio of water or milk to your brew concentrate.

Flavor Notes

Delicately honey sweet


Cold brewed coffee (filtered water, Costa Rican coffee and chicory root).

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Upcycling and Connection

When we think of coffee, we think of community.

At Brew N Bottle, it’s our mission to support the community in which we process our beans. Without them, we wouldn’t be here. They’re a part of who we are. So we do our part to repurpose the water we use back into the native land. We also use and share our coffee grinds and offer them to others who might use them to better their own gardens and community lands.


    We know that coffee in a concentrated form makes it taste better. But we also understand that by choosing to not produce ready-to-drink (RTD) products, we’re keeping water local, and keeping emissions lower when we ship our coffee.


    We care about the environment and the world we’re leaving behind. By using solar to power our facility vehicles we are able to cut down on carbon emissions and prioritize clean energy in our communities.